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The SOSS Blog is the official platform for all news and developments related to the SMU School of Social Sciences. The Blog contains a diverse amount of information including major school events, global exposure experiences, student course reviews, alumni testimonials and faculty profiles.

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Staying at Prinsep Street Residences (PSR)

Posted on 21 Nov 2018

Staying at Prinsep Street Residences (PSR) Esther Chong (Class of 2021) Prinsep Street Residences (PSR) was launched with a new focus on co-living, co-learning and co-working. It has undergone a major facelift and living spaces were revamped. Besides the apartments, PSR boasts a range of facilities which include The Hub, where group meetings are conducted, The Café, where we chill and have conversations over meals, and The Lounge, a space where we can screen movies, hold events and even play table soccer. With twelve girls in my apartment, there is never a dull day that goes by. Each...
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SMU Alumni Mentoring Programme

Posted on 14 Nov 2018

“Mentoring can have a profound impact on your personal growth, but you have to be open to change.” - Lois Zachary   Sometimes, do you wonder what kind of job will be suitable for you after graduation and if Social Sciences was the right major to read to land yourself a job at your desired company? I’m sure more often than not, you hope to find someone - who has gone thru this, to lend you a pair of helping hands and to share his/her experiences with you.   If the above speaks for you, and you are looking for a platform to seek clarity and enlightenment to your...
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