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SOSS BLOG - December 2016

The SOSS Blog is the official platform for all news and developments related to the SMU School of Social Sciences. The Blog contains a diverse amount of information including major school events, global exposure experiences, student course reviews, alumni testimonials and faculty profiles.

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Overseas Exchange @ Trinity College Dublin

Posted on 27 Dec 2016

Lloyd Heng Qi Hao  BSocSc Class of 2017 The signature campanile that welcomes you when you take your first step into the college. Legend has it that anyone who steps under the bell tower before exams will be doomed to fail them (P.S. It is not true!) Planting your boots into the pebbled paths lining the courtyard of the campus, you fill your lungs with a mixture of sub-zero gases, let the cold air paradoxically warm your insides, and finally expunge them with a wide grin on your face. “Welcome to Dublin, you lucky boy,” “I know, right?” You have the first of...
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SMU-J.P. Morgan Symposium 2016

Posted on 19 Dec 2016

On 1 November 2016, the School of Social Sciences hosted the SMU-J.P. Morgan Symposium for 60 participants at the SMU Administration Building on the topic of Managing Skills Challenges in ASEAN-5. The symposium was based on a research study jointly conducted by Associate Professor Tan Kim Song (Faculty Member, School of Economics) and Professor James Tang (Dean, School of Social Sciences). Funded by J.P. Morgan, the study sought to address the skills challenges the ASEAN-5 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand) face individually and collectively as a group....
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