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SOSS BLOG - November 2017

The SOSS Blog is the official platform for all news and developments related to the SMU School of Social Sciences. The Blog contains a diverse amount of information including major school events, global exposure experiences, student course reviews, alumni testimonials and faculty profiles.

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Review of POSC213 Politics of South East Asia Review

Posted on 24 Nov 2017

POSC213 POLITICS OF SOUTH EAST ASIA REVIEW Andrew Koay Shen Wei (BSocSc Class of 2018) With a variety of cultures, religions, and historical trajectories, Southeast Asia remains one of the most interesting regions to study in the world. Outside the bubble of Singapore, where political stability and prosperity has created a sanitized society, the rest of the region walks the line between fragile agreement and perpetual turmoil. Why is this the case? And how has Singapore managed to maintain itself? This was examined as Professor Jacob Ricks took us through the Politics of Southeast Asia. The...
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Overseas Exchange @ Pusan National University

Posted on 17 Nov 2017

Teo Mindy BSocSc Class of 2018 “Are you going to take the TRAIN to Busan?” With reference to the Train to Busan zombie apocalypse action thriller released in mid-2016, ‘Train to Busan’ jokes usually abound whenever I told my peers that I was going to Pusan National University for exchange in the spring semester. While South Korea is considered a popular destination for exchange among SMU students, most people would be gunning after the top universities in Seoul, as Seoul is the city they’ve heard so much about – K-pop, K-dramas, K-reality shows like...
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