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Group Capstone Project – Cohort 2014/2015

How can we reduce food waste in Singapore?

Towards a Zero Food Waste Nation
A Policy Project by the SMU Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration (Class of 2014-2015)



Food waste in Singapore                                                                                                                                                                  

According to the National Environment Agency, food waste in Singapore in 2013 reached its highest level at 796,000 tonnes – a 13% increase from 2012. This is equivalent to nearly 680 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Of that, only 12% was recycled. This adds up to millions of dollars in lost revenue, wasted resources including water and energy, while thousands of Singaporeans go hungry every day.

Recognising the food, energy and water nexus and the importance for a more conscious stewardship of the vital resources, it is critical to address the issue of food waste. Food waste occurs at different stages of food production. In Singapore, there is an opportunity to limit food waste by the reduction of plate waste at public food establishments. We believe that a collaborative approach involving stakeholders from the private sector, public sector and the civil society can generate ideas for innovative policy and programme recommendations.


Co-creation and collaboration to work towards achieving zero plate waste at public food establishments                                

We will host a half-day co-creation workshop in May 2015. The workshop will bring together key stakeholders including representatives from the hotel and hospitality industry, restaurant industry, civil society and consumer groups as well as key public sector agencies.

Through the workshop, we aim to:

  • Offer a safe, collaborative and inspiring space to brainstorm ideas on how we can reduce plate waste in Singapore
  • Engage key stakeholders and explore if a collaborative approach can aid in enforcing, strengthening and scaling potential solutions to tackle the issue of plate waste in Singapore


Who we are

We are the first cohort of the Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration programme at Singapore Management University. We believe the 21st century’s most complex challenges can be solved through collaboration between private sector, public sector and civil society.


Capstone Presentation@Tri-Sector Forum 2015

Download the co-creation workshop report here.

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