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Why Should You Enrol?

The truly effective leaders of the future will cross the boundaries between government, civil society, and business as the demand for qualified people working in this intersection is growing rapidly.

In this programme, you will become versed in cutting-edge frameworks for understanding 21st-century complexity. You will be trained in a set of rigorous individual, organisational, and analytical skills needed to solve problems within and across sectors. Opportunities to network with and engage meaningfully with practitioners from all three sectors will be plentiful.You will learn how to manage resilient organisations in the rapidly changing global environment and be equipped with the clear understanding of the risks and opportunities in the dynamic and co-evolving relationship between the private sector, government, and society. Through the knowledge acquired from the programme, you will grow to become a collaborative leader who creates high-impact partnerships to tackle the world's biggest problems; or perhaps a social intrapreneur who takes the lead in driving dynamic change within your own organisation, or develop new entities or networks to drive change in society.

Last updated on 15 Oct 2018 .