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Message from the Dean

We live in an era of escalating uncertainties. James TH TangAsian businesses and governments now operate in an environment filled with financial volatility, water and other resource constraints, climate change and growing social inequity. At the same time, emerging powers such as China and India are catalysing growth, while revolutions in information technology and science seed new trends in collaboration, communication, and sustainability innovations. To build businesses and societies that are able to flourish in this volatile and uncertain environment requires all players, from business, government, and civil society, to work together far more closely than ever before. But how? 

The unique Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration empowers students to answer that question by bringing together the combined wisdom of business, government, and civil society leaders from around Asia and the world on how emerging leaders should be educated to enable their organisations to grapple with new risks and opportunities. It is not just a re-tweaked version of an MBA or public policy degree. It focuses specifically on the experiences and needs of Asia, where the roles of business, government, and civil society can vary widely from the paradigms developed in the West. Through roundtables, surveys, and hundreds of smaller-scale conversations, we have brought together the best of academic and practitioner thinking to develop a programme ideally suited to developing the insights and skills required for the new tri-sector partnerships that the region needs in addressing the immense challenges ahead.


Professor James T H Tang
Dean, School of Social Sciences
Professor of Political Science
Singapore Management University

Last updated on 15 Oct 2018 .