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Programme Goals

“The world continues to face big challenges. The lack of access of many to food, nutrition, basic hygiene and sanitation, clear drinking water or a decent job should be a concern to all of us. We firmly believe business has a big role to play in striving for more equitable and sustainable growth, but large-scale changes will only come about if there is real collaboration between companies, governments and NGOs across all these areas.”
- Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

Indeed, the world’s biggest challenges are too complex and urgent for any one sector to solve. Civil society, governments and businesses increasingly need to work together across the distinct cultures and approaches of each sector. The world needs a new generation of leaders who can work comfortably at the intersection of multiple types of organisations.

 The Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration (MTSC) programme:

  • Creates a global pipeline of versatile leaders equipped to create a more sustainable and equitable world by bridging all three sectors.
  • Increases public awareness of such widely accepted frameworks as the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the potential benefits for corporations and agencies that align to these SDGs.  
  • Prepares managers and leaders for the emerging “4th sector” of purpose-driven, profit-making organisations.
  • Introduces firms, agencies, and other organisations to cutting-edge developments in innovation, leadership/talent retention & development and business sustainability arising from a more integrated view of corporate responsibility.

Last updated on 15 Oct 2018 .