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Feedback from Our Students

Here's what some of our current students say about the Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration:

"Applying to the MTSC is easily one of the best decisions I have made for my own professional development. The MTSC differs from other Masters programmes in its strong emphasis on practical knowledge and skills. In class, we are taught theoretical frameworks, real-life case studies and skills which we then apply to our personal capstone project. There is also a lot of peer learning at MTSC given the extensive experience of the class. If you recognise the importance of partnerships and wish to build your knowledge, skills and networks in this area, you have found the right programme."

Song Hsi Ching, Researcher, Civil Service College


"This programme has allowed me to work with people from the [three sectors] as an unbiased and open group. It introduced many concerns that were not obvious or [many people] have apathy about… I would recommend to people but only if they have the desire to have a heart for global concerns."

Goh Chong Tong (Maj), Army Officer, Singapore Armed Forces


"MTSC has been an incredibly rewarding learning experience – covering valuable and diverse subject matter that is so very relevant to my professional and personal development."

Georgie Passalaris, CSR Manager, APAC, Diageo


"It is a very positive experience to be involved in this course. It brings a very new perspective on how we should look at the world’s pressing problems. The teamwork and diversity in the group is just amazing. A great learning experience."

Mok Chi Kin, Enterprise Architect, Marina Bay Sands


"The programme has been thought-provoking thus far, getting us to look at society with another lens… looking at how tri-sector collaboration can assist current issues of the world. Coming from the public sector, it is important for individuals or employees like us to bring about [awareness] and change in viewing society."

Pang Kent Kent, Senior Executive, Ministry of Education


"…Authenticity is a cornerstone of the programme. I am amazed by the openness of the guest speakers, lectures and peers. They readily open up and discuss their personal share of setbacks and triumphs in collaboration work. These conversations keep us grounded in realistic applications, as it can be easy for us to become idealistic. I am highly thankful for this, as we go away feeling like the experience was ours as well and we are more well-prepared to face resistance on the ground. Lecturers are not afraid to throw us into the deep end of the pool and challenge us in our assumptions, all in a bid to ensure we do not merely skim the surface but go deeper into the intricacies of a world’s pressing problem."

Cheryl Chen, Regional HR Manager, DHL


"A fantastic learning journey that combines my practice in the field with excellent new concepts, frameworks and tools to grow my leadership capabilities in tri-sector collaboration."

Stefan Germann (Dr), Director, Partnerships & Innovation, World Vision International


"We have all the resources we need to make the world a better place. But first we need to learn to collaborate. I would recommend this to people and I know, because cross-sector collaboration is a skillset for the future."

Jared Tham, Senior Manager, Lien Centre for Social Innovation


"Whenever I am asked what the Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration is about, I would say that the best hope for addressing complex, multifaceted, longstanding global and local issues is through multi-stakeholder partnerships. This programme equips the student with the relevant theoretical and applied knowledge, as well as practical skills, to develop proposals that can bring about such collaboration."

Abdul Shariff, Manager, Centre for Research on Islamic and Malay Affairs (RIMA)


"It is reflective of what is happening on the ground. People across sectors are beginning to have conversations and this course provides us with a structured way to transform these conversations to actions, new partnerships outcomes."

Han Sufen, Analyst, Asia Group Advisers


"I took a risk and is paying off beyond my imagination. It’s a life changer." 

Atit Koirala, Marketing Manager, Panyapiwat Institute of Management


"The MTSC programme is an excellent programme to prepare future leaders to innovate and solve complex problems through tapping on the diverse capabilities and resources of the 3 sectors. It has provided me with broader lenses to understand the challenges that I grapple with at work." 

Hazel See, Researcher, Civil Service College


"Very impressive in bringing in the experts in different domains to educate and engage us. Structure of daily session had been very engaging and not a day goes by that my brain is not drained." 

Jeffrey Chin, Senior Assistant Director, Society for the Physically Disabled


Last updated on 15 Oct 2018 .