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Who should Apply?


The ideal candidate has significant work experience, a high level of English proficiency and a good first degree in business, social sciences, law, public policy, or related fields.

Applied Option
Professionals holding Executive and Senior Management positions. Applicants from other positions may also be admitted on a case-by-case basis in view of their professional and/or life experiences, ability to contribute unique perspectives, and assessed motivation to create positive change. All applicants are required to take the SMU Admissions Test online, unless they have GMAT or GRE scores. (Students from India may submit CAT scores).

Public Sector Private Sector Civil Society
- Policy planning
- Futres thinking
- Business regulation
- Civil society regulation
- Industry development
- Governmental strategy
- Citizen engagement


- Strategy
- Operations
- Innovation
- Partnerships
- Governmental affairs
- Public Relations
- Corporate Social
- Corporate citizenship
- Family Businesses
- Entrepreneurs


- International or local
  non-profit organisations
  with environmental or
  social focus
- Trade associations
- Chambers of commerce
- Social entrepreneurs



Research Option
A small number of students may be approved to pursue a research-focused option.
Applicants with strong academic credentials may apply to the Academic Director at any time before the Research Methods Course is offered.
Applicants for this option are strongly encouraged to apply with a GRE score. Competitive GMAT scores may also be considered.

*For foreign applicants, this option is subject to the issuance of a full-time student visa. Hence, foreign students should decide which option they plan to pursue before matriculating.

Last updated on 15 Oct 2018 .