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The Big Read: Apathy, complacency — the worst enemies in Singapore’s war against diabetes

26 Aug 2017

SMU Dean of Students and Professor of Sociology (Practice) Paulin Tay Straughan shared her views in an article about Singapore’s war against diabetes and how unhealthy lifestyles and diets are contributing to the increasing number of diabetics in Singapore. Prof Straughan noted that, “Just as obesity has a strong correlation with low income, diabetes too has the same link — considering the disparity in the access to better quality food such as organic food, or less-sugar variants of different brands.” She added, “All the prescriptions that we give to keep diabetes at bay — less sugar, less fried food, exercise more — is easier for somebody with (the) means. But as a society, there is a tendency to “blame the victim”, where the lower-income diabetic are unfairly stereotyped as a group for “being stubborn” about switching to healthier options.”


Last updated on 10 May 2018 .