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Airing our dirty linen: Why S'poreans abuse shared assets

18 Mar 2018

SMU Dean of Students and Professor of Sociology (Practice) Paulin Straughan commented on the abuse of shared services in Singapore. She believes inconsiderate users are in the minority, "because if they are not, these businesses will have to shut down". She cited unusual norms Singaporeans have successfully adopted, such as the "queue culture". "We didn't always behave in such orderly behaviour when waiting in line. In the beginning, there were staff to remind us to queue," she said. "Now, it is unusual not to find a line when there are many waiting. And if we see someone 'cut queue', most of us will not hesitate to inform the culprit where the end of the line is."

Prof Straughan explained that education is needed on the proper user etiquette, such as having staff on site in the early months to remind customers of the dos and don’ts. She encouraged bystanders to step up and stop those carrying out the irresponsible behaviour. "We need to ensure that the majority set the norms of expected and acceptable behaviour," she added.

The Sunday Times
The Straits Times

Last updated on 10 May 2018 .