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Internship Testimonials

What our students say about their internship


Pang Zhi Yuan

“An overseas internship is not just merely working diligently for the company, but also acquiring new knowledge, culture, and experience from abroad that hone your skills and broaden your perspectives of the global market and the world.”


Han Meng

“SOSS modules, such as Understanding Societies has prepared me well for these cultural differences”


Beatrice Loo Rui Yi

“Being clear of what I wanted to learn from the company definitely helped me shape my internship experience, despite other responsibilities.”


Pang Zhi Yuan

“This internship provided an extremely insightful look into the intricacies of working in an emerging market economy. Being there first hand gave a level of experience that no amount of reading or hearing about could ever achieve.”


Last updated on 13 Sep 2017 .