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Arts and Culture Management second major provides students with the perspectives, foundational knowledge, introductory skills and vocabularies for entry into the arts and culture industry.

ACM grooms the cosmopolitan manager who is at ease with cultural diversity, and able to capitalise on the new ideas and energy through engagement in the arts. ACM uniquely brings together theory, practice, and management. Faculty will join with practice leaders to provide learning that will move beyond classrooms into the field.

ACM graduates are not limited to the Arts & Culture industries, but will have knowledge that will prepare them for success working in global cities. Cities are the powerhouses of global economies. Singapore, London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dubai, Seoul, Shanghai, and Sydney, are notable as centres of creativity and entrepreneurship fuelled by a vibrant arts and culture scene. It is this clear vision that has informed the Singapore government’s goal to double the active engagement of Singaporean in arts and culture activities by 2025.
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Last updated on 12 Oct 2018 .