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Global Asia is an innovative major focuses on the forces, ideas and practices that are reshaping nations, businesses, institutions, individuals, and the ways of life in an Asian world that is being transformed by its global connections. It integrates knowledge from various fields including international relations, sociology, political science, economics, law and cultural studies.

Asia is re-emerging as a major centre of economic dynamism, innovation, and world history. It also faces enormous problems related to inequality, poverty, environmental degradation, geo-political tensions, and social and personal upheaval. The aim of the major is to generate a holistic understanding of how and why these changes are occurring, how states and people are responding, and what this means for countries and citizens in Asia and beyond.

There are enriched activities designed specifically for this major that include special internships with international organizations and NGOs, and joint programme or partnership arrangements with leading universities in East and Southeast Asia. This major aims to produce globally-minded students with a grounding in their own region and experiences in exchange programmes, study missions, internships, and augmented OCSP.

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Last updated on 14 Jun 2018 .