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Double Degrees and Second Majors

Bachelor of Social Science

Double Degrees & Second Majors in Other Schools

BSocSc students like any other students in SMU can choose to combine a double degree from Accountancy, Business Management, Economics, Information Systems Management, or Law.

BSocSc students must declare a first major in any of the three disciplines: Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology, by the end of their second year of study.

BSocSc students may choose to declare a second major in another Social Science discipline i.e. Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Global Asia, Public Policy & Public Management and Arts & Culture Management. Students also have the option to declare a second major in any of the following disciplines offered by the other five Schools:

1. Accounting 8. Information Systems
2. Actuarial Science 9. Law
3. Applied Statistics 10. Strategic Management
4. Corporate Communication 11. Marketing
5. Economics 12. Operations Management
6. Finance 13. Entrepreneurship
7. Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources 14. Quantitative Finance


Last updated on 28 Feb 2017 .