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Exchange Programme Testimonials

What our students say about their exchange programme


Clara Chong

“Being away from the busyness and familiarity of it all truly liberated me to see myself for who I was without the responsibilities and communities I had in Singapore.”

Teo Mindy

“Cliché as it sounds, spending a semester abroad has made me realised that there is more to life than the paper chase in Singapore.”

Hamzah Bin Zaid

“Learning about different cultures is an indelible part of exchange, broadening mental horizons and challenging existing schemas, teaching and moulding me into being a more holistic person.”

Adelyn Foo Xin Yi

“In very euphemistic terms, I would say that these experiences have definitely tested my abilities and reliance on resources to problem-solve under immense pressure. ”

Elliott Tan Chen Liang

“You learn more about yourself and often get surprised by what you are capable of when you are left on your own, especially with regard to travelling and meeting people. ”

Seah Tiong Kiat

“Exchange is not just learning about other countries, but more so about learning to appreciate what we already have. ”

Yap Shien Tah

“I believe stepping out of your comfort zone is what going on exchange is all about – Exploring foreign lands, cultures, and developing a global perspective in the process.”

Elizabeth Susan Joseph

“It was more than just enjoying the freedom of exchange”


Last updated on 18 May 2018 .