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Civil Service

What our graduates say about the School of Social Sciences


Ng Yu Hang

“My recent Sociology Study Mission to Guangzhou allowed me to understand the people and society there on a far deeper level than I would as a tourist”


Nashita Thevanathan Pillay

“The things we learn in social sciences give us additional insights in the behavior of people or groups and they give us an edge when we are able to apply them in our jobs even if our jobs aren't in the field of social sciences”


Jonathan Tan Ser Ern

“Social sciences has taught me to approach a real-world problem from multiple perspectives, engage in critical analysis and most importantly, leading me to craft in-depth, well-thought out solutions.”


Pang Zhi Yuan

“It has broadened my horizons and perspectives towards my community and society.”


Lim Chia Yeo

“Through the SOSS experience, I gained a better understanding of world and social issues.”


Tan Wei Loong Jonathan

“The enriching experiences and valuable opportunities provided by SMU have truly transformed me into a better person, a better citizen and a better leader.”


Foong Tai Wei

“SMU also equipped me with the ability to think on my feet, to critically examine issues as well as organise relevant research materials individually and in groups, which are undoubtedly essential skillsets for the corporate world.”


Last updated on 13 Sep 2017 .