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Graduate School

SMU students have been accepted to social science Masters and Ph.D. programmes at leading universities worldwide, including:

Harvard University
Cornell University
Princeton University
Erasmus University
Oxford University
New York University
Washington University in St. Louis
London School of Economics
Emory University
University of Maryland


What our graduates say about the School of Social Sciences


Zehra Zafar

“Studying Psychology especially helped me gain insight into how peoples’ minds work. Skills such as these are useful and valued, in any workplace.”


Nurulsyahirah Binti Mohammad Taha

“I owe a tremendous 'thank you' to the brilliant and dedicated professors, students, and administrators at SOSS SMU for opening my eyes and mind to a bigger world.”


Su Junjie

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to complete my undergraduate degree at SOSS, without which I most certainly will not be where I am today.”



Last updated on 19 Jul 2016 .