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Bachelor of Social Science


In today's increasingly complex world, the study of social sciences has never been more important. The increasing connectedness of countries and markets, brought about by globalization in trade, cross-border capital flows and the advent of new information and communication technologies, has drastically changed the dynamics of interaction among individuals, communities and governments. To fully comprehend these developments and their implications for the future development of our societies, it is imperative to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, embracing both quantitative methods and qualitative analysis.

The world needs a new generation of social science graduates right now: men and women who appreciate and understand the complexity of contemporary societies, and are well-equipped to become thought leaders of the future.

The Curriculum

The Bachelor in Social Science programme delivers a broad-based undergraduate education centered on the disciplines of Psychology, Sociology and Political Science. Combining these disciplines gives the student a holistic, multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to the study of phenomena in the social sciences and develops the tools and frameworks applicable to careers in the human services fields, education, management and other analytical and social-intensive professions.

The Bachelor in Social Science programme consists of a combination of coursework as well as opportunities for hand-on research supervised by faculty members. The programme aspires to be an interactive, collegial environment that models and encourages open communication and life-long learning.

Teaching Approach

Small seminar-based classes, rigorous training, and intellectual diversity prepare students for handling complex problems in new and innovative ways. Students are assessed continuously through class participation, assignments, projects and examinations. The School also offers opportunities for students to engage in empirical research (e.g. senior thesis, independent study project) supervised by faculty.

Award of the BSocSc degree

The BSocSc is a four-year meritorious honours programme. However, many students can expect to complete the programme in less than four years with advanced standing or fast-tracking by taking some courses in the third term. Students with advanced standing may be granted credits of up to six courses. On successful completion of the BSocSc programme, students will be awarded the BSocSc degree accordingly, depending on their overall performance: BSocSc cum laude (with honours), BSocSc magna cum laude (with high honours) or BSocSc summa cum laude (with highest honours).

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Last updated on 15 Mar 2016 .