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SMU Social Science Student Society


Founded in 2004, SOSCIETY is the official Singapore Management University (SMU) School of Social Sciences Society. SMU undergraduates pursuing a primary or secondary degree leading to the Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSocSc) are automatically members of SOSCIETY.



Striving for excellence and pursuing opportunities as a cohesive community.



To foster integration among Social Science students through the implementation of unique social events, and professional and academic development opportunities while enhancing and maintaining a consistent and reliable image for the society.



SOSCIETY - noun | (pronounced as 'so•ci•e•ty')

Social Sciences

Cast in fresh and modern colours, our logo is reflective of the social scientist's affable nature. The logo mark features a green roundel encircled by a thin white circular border, which inspires and signifies unity among the students. Within the logo, the chilli padi is featured; representing our relatively small cohort size, which is but a mere veneer that underlies our influential and highly effective community. Similarly, the dual chilli padis depict our strong interpersonal skills and how we are never truly alone in our community. The word mark is configured in a way to reflect modernity and conveys a subtle hint of futuristic clarity, which associates cutting edge research and scholarship to the school and its undergraduates. Based on these tenets, SOSCIETY aims to enhance the Social Science experience such that each individual student feels connected to our unique community.



SOSS Freshmen Orientation Camp
The SOSS Freshmen Orientation Camp is planned by Social Science students to welcome our new batch of freshmen into our SOSS family. With fun games and friendly facilitators, the 3-day-2-night camp is the perfect opportunity to foster lasting bonds with your fellow Social Science freshmen and seniors.

A “welcome-back-to-school” celebration held at the beginning of every academic year, Cohesion is a yearly feature that provides the venue, entertainment and food perfect for a get-together session with your Social Science peers. Exclusive to our students, Cohesion is a great way to chase away the back-to-school blues and catch up with your friends.

Passion for Compassion (Community Service Project)
Initiated in 2015 our flagship community service project – Passion for Compassion, brings students down to the Institute of Mental Health for weekly visits. These visits, held over the duration of a semester, aim to foster a relationship built on empathy and compassion between the patients and our students from their weekly interactions. Open to all Social Science students from all years, we welcome you to sign up for this meaningful project to nurture your passion for compassion.


Professional Development and Academic Activities

Major Decision Talk
Choosing your major is a major decision in your academic life. The Major Decision Talk aims to help facilitate your decision-making process by inviting professors down to speak about the different majors offered at the School of Social Sciences.

Internship Talk
Not sure of how to source for an internship to fulfill SMU’s compulsory 10-week internship policy? The internship talk strives to provide information on ways to source for internships while providing a platform for seniors to share with our students on their internship journey.



Welfare drives will be available twice in a semester to brighten up your school day and fuel your mugging sessions! With free food and gifts thoughtfully chosen by our Welfare Directors, these welfare drives are available to all our Social Science students. So do keep a lookout for our emailers for the latest information on our welfare drives!

To facilitate your studying, our Management Committee will also be providing you with study rooms when the final examination draws near!

In case of any feedback or enquiries regarding the school or our events, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to address your concerns!


SOSCIETY’s 14th Management and Executive Committee

President Adelaide Seet Ting Wei
Vice-President Simren Kumar
Honorary General Secretary Benedict Chia Wei Ping
Honorary Finance Secretary Lee Li Yun Jessalyn
Professional Development and Academic Director Sng Jie Ying (Alina)
Public Relations Director Chia Chloe
Marketing Director Shi Shan


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Instagram: @sosciety

Last updated on 23 Aug 2018 .