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Current Students

What our students say about studying in the School of Social Sciences


Joyce Tang Si Xin

“It has shaped me to become more understanding and accepting of all the differences and diversity we encounter in our lives”


Harshvardhan Mehta

“Learning about Social Sciences has taught me to analyse and critique what's going on in the world, and to make informed choices that can help shape the future”


Alex Yoong Kang Sing

“The foundation and core courses in the first year not only provided invaluable insight into the breadth of major specialization in SMU, but also helped me to build up a great repertoire of analytical techniques, knowledge and confidence (in writing, presenting and research)”


Seah Tiong Kiat

“Social sciences gave me more knowledge of myself and the world, and made me look at them differently”


Nurul Amirah Binte Yusof

“It was amazing to experience a place I typically wouldn't have gotten to explore and meet individuals that live such different lives from my own”


Hon Liang Yi

“I've been given many opportunities in SMU's Social Sciences – in leadership and academics especially – and that was exactly what I was seeking in my university life”


Last updated on 11 Aug 2016 .