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Alumni Testimonials

What our graduates say about the School of Social Sciences


Ian Ng Derong

“SMU Social Science encourages a critical mind and effective communication - both of these are applicable in any and every workplace”


Alana Goh Peizhen

“Social Sciences was the best fit for me in learning how to tackle such questions, and broadening my perspectives in how I can frame the world I live in”


Tsai Si Han

“My study of social sciences, with a core focus in the field of Political Science, has proved to be an integral one as it provided me with a more well-rounded and multi-faceted perspective, and is highly applicable to my career”


Daryani Mrinal Anup

“I chose SMU over other local universities because of the unique opportunities only available within a nimble and fast-growing environment and because the small class-size was more conducive to my learning.”


Jonathan Tan Ser Ern

“Social sciences has taught me to approach a real-world problem from multiple perspectives, engage in critical analysis and most importantly, leading me to craft in-depth, well-thought out solutions.”


Subir Roy

“I was exposed to a wide variety of ideas, theories and paradigms that I would probably never have come across”


Gerard Wong Daquan

“I've found the knowledge I've acquired at SMU, through the various sociology and political science courses to be invaluable in my reviewing and editing of academic journals.”


Tan Qing Hui

“The knowledge learnt in school allowed me to mature in my thought process, and provided a solid foundation from which to build my career.”


Lim Chia Yeo

“Through the SOSS experience, I gained a better understanding of world and social issues.”


Jung Soo Ho

“Although I got my 2nd degree in Business, I genuinely believe it was my Social Science background that gave me the edge and differentiating factor.”


Ong Yu Fu, Jerry Lewis

“The exposure I received in SOSS and SMU as a whole, coupled with the intensive academic training, have broadened my perspective and sharpened my ability to analyze, reason and articulate coherently.”


Tan Wei Loong Jonathan

“The enriching experiences and valuable opportunities provided by SMU have truly transformed me into a better person, a better citizen and a better leader.”


Peter Hoang Dong Bach

“This flexibility of choosing the courses and majors within business and social science disciplines has not only enabled me to develop a more holistic perspective, but also opened the doors to entirely new career paths.”


Last updated on 09 Oct 2018 .