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Our Interactive Pedagogy

SMU is the pioneer in interactive learning that has gained widespread acceptance by students, parents and employers. Ours is a truly unrivalled pedagogy that transforms our students into well-rounded individuals.
Classes in SMU are not taught in the traditional lecture and tutorial format in big lecture theatres. In fact, they are taught in small MBA-style seminar rooms, where you don’t just listen. You are encouraged to speak up and present your arguments in a clear and convincing manner. While you learn from others, others also learn from you. This way, you sharpen your critical and thinking ability, communication and presentation skills, which are crucial skills needed in the corporate world. Because every student must participate in class, discussions and debates become lively and enjoyable.
Our learning environment is therefore intellectually challenging and stimulating, bringing out the best in you and preparing you to be a step ahead of the competition when you graduate. You emerge an all-rounded person, capable of adapting and thriving in the fast changing world.

Last updated on 08 Dec 2015 .