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Programme Structure and Curriculum

fast track msc in Psychology

Programme Structure and Curriculum

The Fast-Track MSc in Psychology Programme is a 2-year programme.

The curriculum consists of course units in:

  • Foundation courses (6 course units)
  • Elective courses (2 course units)
  • Master Thesis (12 course units)

Students are required to complete a total of 20 course units (cus) to meet the graduation requirements. A maximum of 3 courses can be double-counted towards the undergraduate degree requirements.

Programme Schedule

Year 1
Year 2
Year 4 Undergraduate (BSc) Student
Year 2 Master (Msc) Student

Term 1 (2 CUs)
PSYC601 Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC603 General Linear Model (graduate-level statistics course)

Plus undergraduate modules*

Term 1 (2 CUs)
Two foundation/elective graduate-psychology courses

Prepare and defend master’s thesis proposal

Term 2 (2 CUs)
PSYC604 Multivariate Statistics
PSYC6xx (varies from year to year)

Plus undergraduate modules*

Term 2 (2 + 12 CUs)
Two foundation/elective graduate-psychology courses

Conduct master’s thesis research
Prepare and defend master’s thesis


* In addition to graduate-level psychology courses, FTMP students can concurrently take additional modules required for their BSc degree. However, three graduate-level psychology courses can be double-counted toward the BSc degree (see below).

Double-Counting Policy

FTMP students may double-count up to 3 of the 4 graduate psychology courses they are required to take in Year 1. The graduate courses can be double-counted as either a psychology elective or a social-science major-related course. For example, a student needs to take 1 more psychology elective and 3 major-related courses to complete their BSc degree. This student could double-count 1 graduate module as a psychology elective, and 2 graduate modules as major-related courses. The student would then enrol in 1 undergraduate major-related course (in either Terms 1 or 2) to fulfil their BSc degree requirements. Alternatively, the student may double-count all 3 graduate modules as major-related courses and enrol in 1 undergraduate psychology elective.

Last updated on 05 Jun 2017 .