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Research Grant Projects - 2013



Singapore Management University

Unexpected Success: Irrigation Sector Reform in the Philippines
SMU Faculty: RICKS Jacob Isaac

Understanding Globalization and Cosmopolitanism and their Roles in Social Attitudes
SMU Faculty: LEUNG Ka Yee, Angela

Living Arrangements and Psychological Wellbeing of Older Persons in Vietnam: Exploring the Roles of Intergenerational Transfers and Son Preference and the Application of Instrumental Variable Technique

Causal Factors Underlying Variation in Attitudes Toward Marriage and Procreation
SMU Faculty: LI Pin Cheng, Norman

South Africa and Sexual Orientation Rights at the United Nations
SMU Faculty: JORDAAN Eduard Christiaan

In Search of the Silver Lining: Exploring the Positive Benefits of Negotiable Fate while Coping with Failures
SMU Faculty: AU Wing Mun, Evelyn

Emotional Reactions to Daily Events: Summarization, Recollection, and Retrospective Well-Being
SMU Faculty: TOV William

Dual-Culture Experience and Individual Creativity
SMU Faculty: CHENG Chi-Ying

The Making of Gangnam: Social Construction of the Rich and Inequality in South Korea
SMU Faculty: BAE Yooil

Limit and Possibilities of Collaboration between NGOs and Government: An Empirical Study of Purchasing Social Services in Guangzhou, China
SMU Faculty: CHUNG Wai Keung

Investigating the Source of Bilingual Benefits in Executive Functions
SMU Faculty: YANG Hwajin

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