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Research Grant Projects - 2015



Singapore Management University

Female Professionals’ Gender-Professional Identity Integration and Organizational Outcomes
SMU Faculty: CHENG Chi-Ying

Promoting Gratitude Through Acknowledging Constraints: Challenging the Merits of Meritocracy and the Pitfalls of Fatalism
SMU Faculty: AU Wing Mun Evelyn

Investigating the Relationship Between Executive Attention on Language Development Among Pre-schoolers
SMU Faculty: YANG Hwajin

Food Poverty and Insecurity in Singapore
SMU Faculty: DONALDSON John Andrew

Japan’s Policy Response to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster
SMU Faculty: SAITO Hirohisa

The Political Appeal of Language: Dialect and Voter Opinion in Thailand
SMU Faculty: RICKS Jacob Isaac

Threat, Securitization and Handicapped Democratic Politics in South Korea: The Role of Framing in Policymaking
SMU Faculty: BAE Yooil

Examining the Role of Multiple Reference Points in Multiple Goal Pursuit
SMU Faculty: WEE Ghin Hee Serena

Discourses and Networks: North Korean Human Rights
SMU Faculty: SONG Jiyoung

Group and Individual Decision Efficiency and Phase
SMU Faculty: TSAI Ming-Hong

Myanmar Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren: Impacts of Cross-border Migration  

Personality in Real-Time Real-World Behaviour
SMU Faculty: TOV William

Targeted Campaign Messages and Electoral Mobilization in Thailand
SMU Faculty: FOX Colm Anthony


Last updated on 17 Sep 2015 .