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Research Grant Projects - 2011



Singapore Management University

Eliminativism, Belief and Assertion
SMU Faculty: WILLIAMS John Nicholas

Culture, Emotions, and Social Relationships
SMU Faculty: SCOLLON Christie Kaye Napa

Embodied and Social (un)Constraints and their Relations to Goal Pursuits and Value Perceptions
SMU Faculty: LEUNG Ka Yee, Angela

South Africa and the United Nations Human Rights Council
SMU Faculty: JORDAAN Eduard Christiaan

Malleable Creativity and its Underlying Cognitive Processes
SMU Faculty: YANG Hwajin

The Molecular Modelling of Networks: Subgraph Approaches to Social Networks
SMU Faculty: HARRIGAN Nicholas Michael

How Beliefs and Personality Predict Stress Management
SMU Faculty: AU Wing Mun, Evelyn

European Sanctions in Asia
SMU Faculty: PORTELA Clara

The Restructuring of the Vegetable Commodity Chain in China's Agrarian and Urban Transitions
SMU Faculty: ZHANG Qian, Forrest

Multiculturalism in Post-Suharto Indonesia: Discourses and Practices
SMU Faculty: HOON Chang Yau

Gender and Politics in Southeast Asia II: Analyzing Southeast Asia's Political Gender Gap
SMU Faculty: WELSH Bridget Beatrice

Biculturalism and Creativity: The Effects of Emotion and Cognition
SMU Faculty: CHENG Chi-Ying

Mating Evaluations Among Individuals Who Vary on Key Traits
SMU Faculty: LI Pin Cheng, Norman

The Causes and Effects of theVariation in Provincial Land Use Policy in China
SMU Faculty: DONALDSON John Andrew

Social Work Practices and the Optimization of Social Management in China. The Guangdong Model
SMU Faculty: CHUNG Wai Keung

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