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Research Grant Projects - 2005

(I) Singapore Management University

A Cross-cultural Study of Social Attribution Tendencies
SMU Faculty: Tong Yuk Yue, Jennifer

Knowledge Economy and the Role of Government. A Comparative Study on Singapore and Hong Kong
SMU Faculty: Chung Wai Keung

Two Theoretical Papers and A Policy One
SMU Faculty: Marco Verweij

Death stings back: A reply to Sorensen's 'The cheated god'
SMU Faculty: Mark Robert Nowacki

Solving Moore's Paradoxes without the Notion of 'Expressing Belief'
SMU Faculty: John Nicholas Williams

Construct Validation of Situational Judgment Test
SMU Faculty: David Chan

The Metaphysics of Miracles
SMU Faculty: Mark Nowacki
Collaborator: Tan Yoo Guan

Refinement of a Theory of the Neural Basis of Change Blindness
SMU Faculty: Ilya Farber

Modernizing Chinese Universities
SMU Faculty: Forrest Zhang

Politics, Structure and Rural Poverty: The Political Economy of Tourism in Southwest China
SMU Faculty: John Andrew Donaldson

An Analysis of Know-How and its Relatin to Propositional Knowledge
SMU Faculty: John Nicholas Williams

Democracy, Oversight Tools, and Ethics Regimes
SMU Faculty: Riccardo Pelizzo
Collaborator: Rick Staopenhurst, The World Bank

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