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Research Grant Projects - 2006

(I) Singapore Management University

Torture and Tragedy
SMU Faculty: Brian Mooney

Incubating Innovation: The Role of Science Parks in East and Southeast Asian Innovation Systems
SMU Faculty: Chuang Wai Keung

Why do Similar Areas Adopt Different Developmental Strategies: A Case Study of Two Puzzling Chinese Provinces
SMU Faculty: John Andrew Donaldson

Propositional Knowledge and Know-How
SMU Faculty: John Williams

Perceptions of International Instructors: A Cross-Cultural Study
SMU Faculty: Sandy Lim

Existential Communication - Ethical Incommensurability, Story-Telling and Pathos
SMU Faculty: Brian Mooney

The Introduction of Wetern Corporate Forms in Pre-WWII China: An Economic Sociology Analysis
SMU Faculty: Chung Wai Keung

Applying Heuristics in Groups: The Benefit of Superior Knowledge vs. the Power of Being Ignorant
SMU Faculty: Luan Shenghua
Collaborator: Katsikopolous Konstantinos, Max Planck Institute for Human Development; Reimer Torsten, University of Maryland

Homogeneizing Ethical Attitudes in the Indonesian Legislature
SMU Faculty: Riccardo Pelizzo
Collaborator: Markus Karner, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University

Social Attribution Tendencies: Cross-cultural Differences and Implications
SMU Faculty: Jennifer Tong
Collaborator: Chi-yue Chiu, University of Illinois

Beyond Minority Report: Pre-crime, Pre-punishment and Pre-desert
SMU Faculty: John Williams

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