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Research Grant Projects - 2007

(I) Wharton-SMU

A Cross-cultural Investigation of the Role of Moral Development, Malleability of Moral Beliefs, and Moral Content in predicting Attitudes Judgments and Behaviors
Wharton Faculty: Americus Reed II , Assistant Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School
SMU Faculty: Jennifer Tong

(II) Singapore Management University

The Life Course of Festivals
SMU Faculty: Ann Vogel

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness in Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore: A View from the Policy Sciences
SMU Faculty: Steven Ney

Is There a Moore's Paradox of Desire?
SMU Faculty: John N. Williams

Modeling Differential Method Effects of Impression Management and Self-deception on Predictors, Performance Criteria, and Predictor-criterion Relationships
SMU Faculty: David Chan

Transforming China's Agriculture: A Comparative Case Study of New Paths to Agrarian Capitalism and Socioeconomic Consequences
SMU Faculty: Forrest Zhang, John Donaldson

"Good" and "Bad" Loyalty
SMU Faculty: Brian Mooney

Psychological Basis of Robot Perception
SMU Faculty: Ivy Lau

Vietnamese Soldiers 'Mort Pour La Patrie' in France During WW1
SMU Faculty: Tobias Rettig

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