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Research Grant Projects - 2008

Singapore Management University

States, Development and Planning: The Evolution of Planning Bureaucracies across Southeast Asia
SMU Faculty: Alexander Daniel Mutebi Mubiru

Cultural Perceptions of Agency and its Related Traits
SMU Faculty: Leung Ka Yee Angela

Investigation into the Nature and Practice of Legal Reasoning concerning Negligence Cases in Tort Law in Singapore
SMU Faculty: Mark Robert Nowacki

The Influence of Identity Integration on Business Women's Psychological and Behavioral Outcomes
SMU Faculty: Cheng Chi-Ying

Conscious Belief and Justified Belief
SMU Faculty: John Nicholas Williams

Understanding Conflict in Social Dilemmas
SMU Faculty: Daniel Patrick Balliet

Taking Advice from Biased Sources: How Good Are We?
SMU Faculty: Luan Shenghua

Culture and Positive Emotions
SMU Faculty: Christie Kaye Napa Scollon

Mapping (Chinese) Christian Schools in Indonesia : Religion, Ethnicity and Class
SMU Faculty: Hoon Chang Yau

Attitudes and preferences toward mating and marriage in Singapore and the U.S.
SMU Faculty: Li Norman Pin Cheng

Effects of Positive Emotion on Cognitive and Behavioral Control
SMU Faculty: Yang Hwajin

Daily Experiences, Well-Being, and Personality Differences
SMU Faculty: William Tov

How do People's Beliefs Influence Their Judgments?
SMU Faculty: Au Evelyn Wing Mun

On the Social and Political Effects of Opening
SMU Faculty: John Andrew Donaldson

Ethnic Minority Underdevelopment in Vietnam : Implications for Young People's Sexual and Reproductive Health Outcomes
SMU Faculty: Bussarawan Teerawichitchainan

Communitarian Paths to Cosmopolitanism
SMU Faculty: Eduard Christiaan Jordaan

The Politics of Decentralization in Korea and Japan : International Diffusion of Ideas and State Restructuring
SMU Faculty: Bae Yooil

European Policies towards Burma/Myanmar in the Eyes of South East Asia : Conflicting Concepts of State Sovereignty and Human Rights?
SMU Faculty: Clara Portela

Social Normative Influence over Mate Preference
SMU Faculty: Lau Yee-Man Ivy

Household and Community Development as Outcomes of Asian Remittance Economies
SMU Faculty: Ann Vogel

Social Mobility during Dramtic Social Changes: Using Life-history Data to Uncover the Interplay between Biography and History
SMU Faculty: Forrest Zhang

The Role of Implicit Theories on Impression Formation and Storage
SMU Faculty: Jennifer Tong

An Ethnography of Capgome (Celebrations of the 15th day of the first month) in Singkawang, West Kalimantan
SMU Faculty: Margaret Chan

Comparing Health Care Systems in the Developing Countries of South-East Asia
SMU Faculty: Steven Ney

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