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Research Grant Projects - 2009

Singapore Management University

Julius Kovesi and the “Formal Element” in Moral Concepts
SMU Faculty: Thomas Brian Mooney

Jailangkung, Spirit-writing Baskets in Indonesia
SMU Faculty: Chan Bee Eng Margaret

Transition to Agrarian Capitalism in Rural China and Its Impact on Social Structure
SMU Faculty: Zhang Qian, Forrest

Examining Three Types of Punishment as a Structural Solution to Social Dilemmas
SMU Faculty: Daniel Patrick Balliet

The Institutionalization of Social Work Profession in China
SMU Faculty: Chung Wai Keung

A New Look at Culture and Self-Enhancement: The Dynamic Interaction between Norm-Compliance Motive and Self-Enhancement Motive
SMU Faculty: Leung Ka Yee Angela

Beyond Global Life Satisfaction: Non-self-report Indicators of Subjective Well-being
SMU Faculty: Christie Napa Scollon

Emmanuel Levinas: Cosmopolitan or Communitarian?
SMU Faculty: Eduard Christiaan Jordaan

The Influence of Perceived Norms on Social Perception and Decision Making
SMU Faculty: Au Wing Mun Evelyn

Subjective Well-being, Creativity, and Exchange Studies
SMU Faculty: Lau Yee-Man Ivy

Implicit Theories of Intelligence and Goal Activation
SMU Faculty: Tong Yuk Yue Jennifer

Know-how and Virtue Epistemology
SMU Faculty: John Nicholas Williams

The Long-term Impact of War on Health and Wellbeing of Vietnam's War Cohorts
SMU Faculty: Bussarawan Teerawichitchainan

Memory for Events & Type of Well-Being
SMU Faculty: Tov William

Mate Preferences in Naturalistic Settings
SMU Faculty: Li Pin Cheng Norman

Gender and Politics in Southeast Asia
SMU Faculty: Bridget Beatrice Welsh

The Influential Hypothesis and Social Contagion: Observational Evidence from Twitter
SMU Faculty: Nicholas Michael Harrigan

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