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Research Grant Projects - 2010

Singapore Management University

The Ontology of Moral Knowing
SMU Faculty: Thomas Brian Mooney

The Political Economy of Contract Farming in China's Agrarian Transition
SMU Faculty: Forrest ZHANG Qian

The Learning and Using of Partial Correlations in Estimation Tasks
SMU Faculty: Luan Shenghua

Multicultural Citizenship Education in Indonesia
SMU Faculty: HOON Chang Yau

The European Union and Foreign Policy Coherence
SMU Faculty: Clara PORTELA

Multiculturalism and Creativity: The Effects of Mediators and Moderators
SMU Faculty: CHENG Chi-Ying

Making Sustainable Cities in South Korea: The Case of Hyundai City, Ulsan
SMU Faculty: BAE Yooil

Investigating the Impact of Biiteracy Skills on Bilingual Advantages in Executive Functions
SMU Faculty: YANG Hwajin

Peasant, Landlord, Agribusiness and the State: Agrarian Society in China and India
SMU Faculty: DONALDSON John Andrew

'Semar Worship: Chinese and Javanese Syncretism'
SMU Faculty: CHAN Bee Eng Margaret

Going beyond Fundamental Embodied Cognition: The Embodiment of Values and Mindsets
SMU Faculty: LEUNG Ka Yee Angela

Making sense of post-apartheid South Africa’s foreign policy
SMU Faculty: JORDAAN Eduard Christiaan

Who’s Getting Ahead in Thailand? Assessing Inequality of Educational Opportunity in the Thai Context, 1970-2009

Deautomatization of Automatic Personal Evaluations
SMU Faculty: TONG Yuk Yue Jennifer

Commonalities across Career Compromises: Taxonomy Development and Initial Validation of a Willingness to Compromise Scale
SMU Faculty: WEE Ghin Hee Serena

Effect of Boredom on Inter-group Competition
SMU Faculty: PARK Guihyun Grace

How do Beliefs about Romantic Compatibility Shape Relationship Dynamics over Time?
SMU Faculty: AU Wing Mun Evelyn

Personality, Relationship Quality, & Well-Being
SMU Faculty: TOV William

Ideational and Material Factors in Joining the Indian National Army: Singaporean Indian Voices from the National Archives’ Oral History Centre
SMU Faculty: RETTIG Tobias Frederik

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