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Ng Yu Hang

Please tell us more about where you are currently working at and what you are doing.

I have just started as a Management Associate at the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Each day, I put together international conferences and bilateral/multilateral meetings to further our interests in the region. For example, with the boom in Chinese tourists, we are expanding our cruise products in ASEAN and are looking into new ports of call.

How has the SOSS experience been for you, and how has it benefitted you?

In a nutshell, SOSS has taught me to “peel the layers” behind everyday life. For example, my recent Sociology Study Mission to Guangzhou allowed me to understand the people and society there on a far deeper level than I would as a tourist; or even, I daresay, a local.

On a practical note, such soft skills have become increasingly important in the global workplace. While many people may consider Singapore “to have no culture”, while progressing through the STB interview rounds, I uncovered many unique stories – a wood carver in Chinatown whose work has travelled the world, college third-generation hawkers carrying the torch – that I shared in my presentations.

Do you have any advice for your juniors that are currently in SOSS or for those who are planning to join the SOSS family?

  1. Take your studies not as a chore, but a passion. If you have no interest in reading about your domain: politics, social issues, etc. chances are you won’t enjoy a future career in that field either.
  2. Don’t just participate; create! SOSS and SMU in general are very supportive of student-led initiatives. For example, I actively sought out new opportunities as the founding teams of TEDxSMU and joint conferences with Harvard University (HCAP-SMU).
  3. Take time to discover yourself. Whenever I mention I had changed my second major thrice, people are always shocked and confused. Instead of seeing it as wasted time, I took it as a form of inquiry into different fields: policy, consulting, and marketing, and eventually deciding what I want to pursue for the rest of my life.

Last updated on 13 Sep 2017 .