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Ong Yu Fu, Jerry Lewis

Please tell us more about where you are currently working at and what you are doing.

I am currently a Programme Officer at Save the Children International. As part of the Operations and Advocacy team at the Asia Regional Office based in Singapore, I conduct research and technical analysis on various issues such as child poverty, child health and nutrition, migration and urbanisation in the South East and East Asia region. My work also involves working with 15 country offices in Asia to plan, coordinate and support outreach projects.

What made you choose to do a degree in Social Sciences and why did you choose to do it in SMU?

The thought of doing a degree in social sciences only came after my very first overseas community service trip to Cambodia. Witnessing the lack of  basic necessities the families of communities had to live with and the absence of sanitation had very much changed the direction and perspective of my life. As much as the situations saddened me, I was inspired and determined to read social science in order to understand the challenges to social progress. Subsequently, I wrote in requesting for a switch of programme from information systems to social sciences and SMU was kind enough to accept my appeal. SMU remained as my choice of  university because of its flexible curriculum in which I was able to either take a second major or concentrate in one area of study. The ability to tailor my degree according to my interest was a major factor that attracted me to SMU.

How has the SOSS experience been for you, and how do you think it has benefitted you?

My experience at SOSS has been transformative. In my four years at SOSS, I completed three overseas internships with the United Nations, attended international conferences in Germany and Colombia, led a team of my fellow peers to Cambodia for community service project and wrote a research thesis. The exposure I received in SOSS and SMU as a whole, coupled with the intensive academic training, have broadened my perspective and sharpened my ability to analyze, reason and articulate coherently. The skills and knowledge acquired at SOSS have undoubtedly helped me make more informed decisions in my personal  life. In addition, I am certain that my education at SOSS will help me thrive in my career. 

Do you have any advice for your juniors that are currently in SOSS or for those who are planning to join the SOSS family?

Thanks to the dedicated professors at SOSS, the opportunities available to SOSS students have become amazing. For juniors, grab these opportunities to cultivate your interest and discover your passion. Pick courses and participate in activities that interest you. What defines you as a person are the things you do, in class and beyond class. And that in itself is enough to set yourself apart from the rest. For prospective students, come experience the transformation here at SOSS!

Last updated on 13 Sep 2017 .