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Joyce Tang Si Xin

Please tell us more about yourself.

Currently I'm pursuing a double degree in both Social Sciences as well as Business Management, where I major in Psychology and Marketing. As for co-curricular activities, I spent much of my first two years in SMU mentoring Secondary School students in Mathematics under the BP Mentoring programme. I was also involved in events marketing with Sound Foundry, which stages performances for SMU's own bands. Some of my personal interests include travelling, cycling, badminton, baking, and just being involved in music.

How has learning about Social Sciences changed/benefited you?

Learning about Social Sciences has sparked my constant curiosity to understand the individual, group, or societal reasons behind what occurs all around us. It has shaped me to become more understanding and accepting of all the differences and diversity we encounter in our lives. Of course, learning about Social Sciences has also made me into a more discerning reader of the diverse information we receive everyday: from media and online articles to research papers. Particularly, I have improved in my critical thinking skills and continually strive to avoid making false inferences and conclusions.

What do you think of the SMU pedagogy?

I believe that SMU pedagogy is one which truly benefits and develops a student both intellectually and emotionally. SMU grades are structured around not only exams, but also based on group projects, presentations, and class participation. This means that as a student, you'll get many chances to pursue a lot of knowledge out of the textbook, with the guidance from your professor. The SMU pedagogy also really trains you to develop personal skills such as effective listening and critical thinking to answer those questions posed by your peers during seminar. Through working in teams, you will also gain many insights on leadership and interpersonal skills as well. The SMU pedagogy has really made my past three years both fulfilling and enjoyable.

Please share with us on your exchange experience.

I was on exchange at Lund University in Sweden during August – December 2015. Being on exchange was really exciting, adventure-filled, and a refreshing change from the routine in Singapore. Exchange gave me the opportunity to understand another culture and its way of living. This experience also gave me tips on how to connect with people from other cultures and integrate different values and beliefs. For example, Sweden/ the Swedish are renowned for their entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to quality, flexible work culture, and work-life balance (recently they implemented mandatory 6-hour work days). I had the chance to get more insights on how their society and accompanying systems work together to create such an interesting culture.

Do you have any advice for prospective students who are considering SOSS, SMU?

When I was making the same decision, what really convinced me to come to SOSS SMU was the entrance interview. It showed me a glimpse of what my university education would be like, and I knew it was a way of learning which I would enjoy. That interview gave me an understanding of what SOSS SMU was about: learning in an interactive class environment, discussing with others, and even conversing with professors. In making your own decision, I would recommend first going for the SOSS SMU interview. With that experience in mind, I believe it would give you a better idea of where you would want to spend your university years.


Last updated on 21 Jul 2016 .