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Seah Tiong Kiat

Please tell us more about yourself.

I am a student with a lot of passion for social sciences. I came from Ngee Ann polytechnic with a background in Psychology and Community Services, and I am now pursuing a double major in Sociology and International and Asian Studies. Aside from academics, I love to do outdoor sports. I am an active member in SMUX where we kayak, trek, skate, dive, cycle, and do many other exciting activities all over the world. Like many other people, I also love to travel as I see it as a chance to learn more about myself.

How has learning about Social Sciences changed/benefited you?

I first started learning psychology in the polytechnic. I would say the biggest takeaway from psychology is not to allow me to 'read the minds' of others or learn to manipulate people around me. Instead, psychology taught me to look inwards and learn more about myself, and about how my past has shaped the "me" now. In SMU, I decided to take on something different and chose to major in sociology. Sociology is like a set of spectacles. It provides you with multiple lenses to look at the world. It questions the existing norms of society and critiques the things we take for granted. To put it simply, social sciences gave me more knowledge of myself and the world, and made me look at them differently.

What are some of the opportunities you have been given in SOSS/SMU?

There are two main opportunities that SMU has given me. Firstly, SMU is a place where I have found like-minded friends to do activities that I enjoy with. In SMU, people are always more willing to chat and make friends. In both CCA and academics, I feel that I am in a big family where I have friends who are always there to support me whether in school or not. Secondly, SMU is a place where I will never lack the opportunity to gain global exposure. From small trips such as a study mission course, to overseas exchange, SMU always has something to offer.

Please tell us more about your SOSS family.

What I like about SOSS is that it tends to be less competitive and more friendly (in my opinion) than other schools. Many students here also take courses that they have genuine passion in, instead of doing it purely to fulfil curriculum requirements. Professors in SOSS are very approachable. They are welcoming to students even after class hours and many of them are also willing to get to know students on a personal level. Having a good relation with the professors definitely helped to open more doors in SMU.

Do you have any advice for prospective students who are considering SOSS, SMU?

In psychology, we learn that difficult decisions are made best by following your intuition. Whatever decision that you are making now (whether it is joining SMU or studying social sciences), have the guts to follow your guts!


Last updated on 13 Sep 2017 .