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Exchange Programmes

Student Exchange Programme


SMU aggressively pursues international exchange agreements with reputable universities around the world. With a rapidly growing network of partner universities, we are able to offer an international exchange experience for the majority of the student population who wish to study abroad. This is a unique opportunity rarely found in other tertiary institutions. Students are encouraged to participate in such programmes for the invaluable exposure to different cultures, education systems and work practices.

The international exchange programme is open to students who have completed two regular terms at SMU. Undergraduates may fulfill a term or a year of their degree overseas. Academic results achieved by undergraduates during the exchange programme will be credited towards their degree at SMU. Students remain enrolled full-time at SMU while they are studying abroad. Where required, some financial aid may be made available to needy students.

For further information please visit the SMU Exchange Programmes.

Last updated on 02 Mar 2017 .