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94% of our SMU graduates secured employment before
graduation and within the first six months of graduation.*

Common Acceptance Platform closes on 1 June 2016.

*Source: Graduate Employment Survey 2015


  • Employment outcomes in a diverse range of industries – Consulting,
    Corporate Communication, Education, Entrepreneurship, Finance,
    Human Resources, Marketing, and Public Service

  • Placement in top postgraduate programmes – Harvard, Cornell,
    London School of Economics, and Oxford

  • Multiple job offers with highly competitive starting salaries


  • Three interrelated disciplines - Psychology, Political Science,
    and Sociology

  • Combination of both breadth and depth of knowledge
  • Freedom to add a second major or pursue a double degree


  • Interactive seminar-style pedagogy
  • Education outside the classroom – Overseas Study Missions,
    SMU-X Courses, Exchange Programmes, Summer School, 
    Internships, and Community Service Projects

  • Opportunities for collaboration with world-class
    faculty members – Research Assistantships, Senior
    Thesis Projects, Co-Authored Publications


  • Creating thought leaders to bridge businesses
    governments and civil society

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Student Stories

At School of Social Sciences, we transform lives. Check out our featured students.

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Graduating Class of 2016
Double Degree in Social Science and Business Management
Majoring in Political Science

I wanted to understand how we work so as to change society for the better.

Graduating Class of 2016
Majoring in Psychology

It is an exciting adventure that unravels mysteries behind the complexity of human behavior.

Graduating Class of 2016
Majoring in Political Science and Sociology

I see the pursuit of scientific inquiries into those problems as earning a fair chance to enhance justice and civil society for the greatest number of people.

Graduate Stories

At School of Social Sciences, we transform lives. Check out our featured graduates.

Read more graduate stories

Class of 2013
BSocSc (PSYC and OBHR)
Research Officer

The knowledge learnt in school allowed me to mature in my thought process, and provided a solid foundation from which to build my career.

Class of 2015
BSocSc (PSYC and PPPM)
Policy Officer

Social sciences has taught me to approach a real-world problem from multiple perspectives, engage in critical analysis and most importantly, leading me to craft in-depth, well-thought out solutions.

Class of 2012
BSocSc (PSYC and OBHR)
Senior Human Resource Executive

The enriching experiences and valuable opportunities provided by SMU have truly transformed me into a better person, a better citizen and a better leader.


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