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A Holistic Mindset to Tackle the Complexities of Today

Be challenged to think critically and explore different perspectives as part of this rigorous multidisciplinary programme that empowers you with unparalleled personal growth and professional versatility.


Become the new leaders, thinkers, and doers of tomorrow

The Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc) Programme delivers an integrative and broad-based
undergraduate education with two distinct specialisation paths.

Major in Psychology, Political Science or Sociology (PPS)

The interdisciplinary PPS majors produces graduates that are well-rounded, insightful, versatile in tackling problems from multiple perspectives, and capable of taking on leadership position in a diverse field of careers.

Major in Politics, Law and Economics (PLE)

The PLE major prepares future leaders and thinkers with a deep understanding of global political perspectives, economic transformations and the legal frameworks and contexts within which such changes take place.

WHAT MAKES SMU’S Bachelor of Social Science SPECIAL?

Interdisciplinary Approach

Deepen your learning experience through an interdisciplinary approach.

Multiple Career Pathways

Acquiring broad repertoire of skills and critical understanding of social issues at SOSS.

Experiential Learning

Interact with civil society, government, and SOSS’ industry partners.

Close Student-Faculty Interaction

Enjoy close student-faculty interaction of up to 45 students in each class.

Distinguished and Devoted SOSS Faculty

Distinguished and devoted SOSS faculty who are experienced in their area of specialisation and dedicated to your learning.


  • Tracy Ng


    "Looking back, I enjoyed every single bit of my undergraduate life in SMU and my fondest memories of school would be the multiple overseas opportunities I had participated in, which SMU had offered to its students. From the Work and Travel USA programme, to an overseas internship stint in Shanghai, China and lastly an exchange semester in Bordeaux, France, SMU had moulded me into a resilient, independent and confident individual. Besides, all these experiences allowed me to bring my classroom knowledge to life. "
  • Ian Ng Derong


    "What drew me to SMU to study Political Science was really a combination of two things: the opportunity to study an interesting topic in an interesting (read: different) university environment, and the various life skills that I was poised to take away. Of course, being centrally located was a big plus too! While my degree content might not be directly applicable in my current workplace, what has been very useful and transferable is the way I structure my thoughts and approach problems. SMU Social Science encourages a critical mind and effective communication - both of these are applicable in any and every workplace. "
  • Subir Roy


    "In an increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, the ability to view issues from multiple perspectives is not just helpful, but critical. My four years in SOSS helped cultivate in me a love for multi-disciplinary learning, respectful debate and discussion, and creative thinking. This has had a direct and positive impact on my work as today I’m able to analyze issues at work critically, take nuanced decisions, communicate articulately and confidently, and influence stakeholders effectively. These skills that SOSS education instill are absolutely essential for the ever-evolving job landscape, and will help in my career growth."