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Down the Rabbit Hole, We Go: An Intern’s Dive into the Realm of Arts for Young Audiences

Working as an intern at The Artground was an eye-opening experience for SMU alumna Jesslyn Lim. She shares her opinion about what it'll take to grow the arts in Singapore. The post Down...

8 Dec 2018

Staying at Prinsep Street Residences (PSR)

Staying at Prinsep Street Residences (PSR) Esther Chong (Class of 2021) Prinsep Street Residences (PSR) was launched with a new focus on co-living, co-learning and co-working. It has undergone...

21 Nov 2018

Research Insights

How global pressures keep companies on their toes

Trading partners and influential international organisations can ratchet up the pressure on companies to be more socially responsible, says SMU Assistant Professor Alwyn Lim.

28 Dec 2018

The long tail of history

Political decisions made hundreds of years ago can have path-dependent, far-reaching consequences for the present, says SMU Professor Elvin Lim.

25 Sep 2018