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Ian Ng Derong

Please tell us more about where you are currently working at and what you are doing.

I am now working at Aon Hewitt, a consultancy that specialises in Human Capital Solutions. We help clients understand their people better, and devise ways to improve the working experience for them.

What made you choose to do a degree in Social Sciences and why did you choose to do it in SMU?

What drew me to SMU to study Political Science was really a combination of two things: the opportunity to study an interesting topic in an interesting (read: different) university environment, and the various life skills that I was poised to take away. Of course, being centrally located was a big plus too!

How has your education in the social sciences been useful to you at the workplace?

While my degree content might not be directly applicable in my current workplace, what has been very useful and transferable is the way I structure my thoughts and approach problems. SMU Social Science encourages a critical mind and effective communication - both of these are applicable in any and every workplace.

Do you have any advice for your juniors that are currently in SOSS or for those who are planning to join the SOSS family?

Follow the path which you feel best suits you. Throw away the pressures to conform, to do a double major just because everyone is doing so, and take the courses that really interest you. Chances are you'll score better too!

Last updated on 13 Sep 2017 .