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Lim Chia Yeo

Please tell us more about where you are currently working at and what you are doing.

Currently, I am working as a human resource executive in the civil service sector.

What made you choose to do a degree in Social Sciences and why did you choose to do it in SMU?

The multi-disciplinary approach is the main attraction for me to do a degree in Social Sciences. It prepares me well for the working society in this era where graduates are expected to possess and integrate knowledge from various disciplines. 

I chose SMU because of the small class size and its emphasis on class participation. The small class size enables SMU professors to devote more attention to each student while the class participation component allows me to learn from my peers in class discussion, keeps me awake in class and trains me to think on my feet.

How has  the SOSS experience been for you, and how do you think it has benefitted you?

The SOSS experience has been one that was memorable and intellectually stimulating. Through the SOSS experience, I gained a better understanding of world and social issues. I also picked up essential skills like spreadsheet programming, which is imperative for most corporate environments.  

Do you  have any advice for your juniors that are currently in SOSS or for those who  are planning to join the SOSS family?

For juniors in SOSS, take advantage of all the opportunities (e.g. study missions and internships) that you have as a SOSS student. These tend to be hard to come by once you graduate. 

For prospective students planning to join the SOSS family, I would like to share that the SOSS family is a closely-knit family where peers are friendly and helpful. There is always someone in the SOSS family whom you can confide in and who can lend you a listening ear during times when you are feeling down.

Last updated on 13 Sep 2017 .