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The SOSS Blog is the official platform for all news and developments related to the SMU School of Social Sciences. The Blog contains a diverse amount of information including major school events, global exposure experiences, student course reviews, alumni testimonials and faculty profiles.

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Field Trip to National Museum and National Gallery in “World Politics” Course

By Kieren WONG posted on Monday, September 18, 2017 - 09:52

Rebekah Tay En Qi (BBM Class of 2020) Sarah Jia-Min Lewis (BSocSc Class of 2020) This summer, we enrolled in the POSC103 World Politics class under Assistant Professor Clara Portela. The course promised to teach us about International Relations: its origins, evolution and theories. It turned out to be an interactive and perspective-broadening learning experience. Over the course of this module, we explored different mediums of art such as film, literature and paintings. We stepped out the classroom to gain valuable insight to the theories we have learnt, and out of our comfort zone to...
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Review of SOCG111 Media and Society

By Kieren WONG posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 09:59

SOCG111 MEDIA AND SOCIETY Lee Junhui (BSocSc Class of 2017) If you have been following American politics recently you might have heard the term “fake news” mentioned in passing. You might even have asked yourself how the American press, once lauded as agents of change and justice (think of the award-winning film Spotlight), could have ended up in its current state. Although it is not a main aim of Media and Society to give you the answers to the above questions, Prof Gao Yang’s module does provide several theoretical tools that might shed light on these issues. “We...
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