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Singapore should measure poverty but not only by monetary means: SMU

11 Nov 2013

A report by the Lien Centre for Social Innovation and SMU’s School of Social Sciences, called "Measuring Poverty in Singapore: Frameworks for Consideration", said that most Singaporeans are not aware of the country's scale of poverty due to lack of information. Thus, being able to measure poverty could lead to greater public support to address the needs of the vulnerable. But the report added that there are limitations to defining poverty by monetary means, such as through household income. SMU Associate Professor of Political Science John Donaldson explained: "Money is an indicator of poverty but it's not an actual measure of it. The question is whether this person is capable, [or] has the capabilities to lift [himself or herself] out of poverty. “What we are calling for is more a qualitative research on different groups of people who have unmet needs, and looking more specifically at how those people experience poverty."

Last updated on 19 Nov 2013 .