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SMU, BT organise seminar on digital transformation

18 Jul 2017

SMU and The Business Times will co-organise a one-day seminar on digital transformation on 18 August. Five keynote speakers are slated to present a range of topics on the subject. The seminar will kick off with SMU Vice Provost (Research) and Professor of Information Systems (Practice) Steven Miller discussing how the boundaries are blurring across the physical world and cyber world, as well as human intelligence and machine intelligence. He will provide insights into these shifting boundaries by explaining how the world is being reshaped by bringing together minds and machines, and share his view on how these developments in technological capabilities will be driving change in our lives. Patrick Thng, Director of Innovation Management at the SMU School of Information Systems and Co-Director, SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, will discuss topics from big data and analytics to artificial intelligence. The seminar will make use of an app called Gnowbe, which is a mobile digital learning platform which allows to pose questions or comments synchronously, take video clips or snapshots to share with one another during the talks. Executive Director of SMU Academy Dr Lim Lai Cheng said the Gnowbe platform is the most versatile mobile learning platform they have come across as it allows them to do a range of learning activities rather than just going through text, videos or quizzes. “Participants are prompted to take notes, do reflections, and share their views at relevant segments of a talk. It follows closely andragogical principles, and a research-based approach for adult learning,” she added.

The Business Times

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