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Viola.AI, AI Singapore and Singapore Management University announces strategic partnership

25 Aug 2018

Viola AI, AI Singapore and SMU have formed a strategic partnership to help revolutionise the match-making industry using a robust AI matching recommendation engine that leverages on Lunch Actually Group’s existing model. As part of this collaboration, SMU will conduct a research project to feed data to the personality match engine model that incorporates thorough review on spouse selection and family formation and lead the various focus groups and surveys on the sociology and technical aspects on matching.

SMU Dean of Students and Professor of Sociology (Practice) Paulin Straughan said, “Despite the many initiatives to encourage more couples to get married and start a family, it is still tough for singles, especially in Singapore, who have high pressure to do well in their career, to find the time to meet and choose the right partner. This also shows more needs to be done to help couples nurture their relationship so that they can continue to strengthen marital bonds, to better prepare for marriage challenges.”

Prof Straughan who will serve as the Principal Investigator in this project added, “The insights from sociological research that we will conduct will be essential in building the AI matching and recommendation engine, and help us better understand the singles and couples, and anticipate their needs.

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Last updated on 12 Sep 2018 .