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Dean's Message

Dean's Message

Social science, broadly speaking, is the scientific study of how society functions. Social scientists use empirical research methods to investigate all sorts of interpersonal and intrapersonal behaviour, such as how and why people vote, what makes people happy, what influences our eating habits, what causes anti-social behaviour, how do people learn, and so on. Studying the social sciences will broaden your intellectual horizon. It will increase your awareness of the forces that condition and shape you and the society you live in. It will also enable social planners to better direct social change through more informed, and hence, more effective policies.

The School of Social Sciences (SOSS) offers four primary majors – Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, and PLE (Politics, Law and Economics), and three second majors – Arts and Cultural Management, Global Asia, and Public Policy and Public Management. The curriculum is rigorous, yet flexible. Students can choose to focus their study on a single discipline or to study across different disciplines by taking various second majors.

Our students are taught and mentored by a dedicated team of outstanding professors who come from the world’s best universities and are experts in their field. The research interests of our faculty are varied and wide-ranging. They cover topics such as subjective wellbeing, migration, security, identity, social networks, ageing, education, nation building, and comparative politics. There are plenty of opportunities for students to conduct their own research and work on real world problems. Our graduates are equipped not only with broad-based academic knowledge but also analytical and practical skills acquired through internships and community projects.

Last updated on 26 Oct 2018 .