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Rapid growth is causing unprecedented transformations in the social fabric and market structure of rural China, researchers at Singapore Management University investigate.
27 Oct 2016
SMU Provost Lily Kong, widely regarded as one of the world’s leading social and cultural geographers, studies the complexities that surround a society’s religious spaces and...
14 Sep 2016
Research by SMU Assistant Professor Cheng Chi-Ying is unlocking how our cultural identity shapes our lives and attitudes, even at a subconscious level.
28 Jun 2016
SMU Assistant Professor Jacob Ricks examines how Thailand’s bureaucratic policies and organisations affect the development of its economy.
24 Mar 2016
SMU Assistant Professor Clara Portela studies how the European Union wields sanctions and other foreign policy tools on the international stage.
4 Mar 2016
SMU Assistant Professor Eduard Jordaan studies the forces and influences that sway a country’s behaviour on international platforms like the United Nations.
27 Jan 2016
SMU Assistant Professor Ijlal Naqvi studies Pakistan’s power grid as a lens through which to examine its governance and development.
21 Apr 2015
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18 Mar 2015