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Research Grant Projects - 2014



Singapore Management University

The Metaphysics of Education in Aquinas
SMU Faculty: MOONEY Thomas Brian

The Politics of Giving: Ethnicity, Business and Religious Philanthropy in Indonesia
SMU Faculty: HOON Chang Yau

Shaping Demand Through Corruption: Modelling Illicit Entrepreneurial Judgment in Malaysia's Media Piracy Market
SMU Faculty: Muhamad HANIF Nafis

The Changing Role of Local State in Rural China
SMU Faculty: ZHANG Qian (Forrest)

Complexity and Migration
SMU Faculty: SONG Jiyoung

Choosing a Self: Consumption of US TV and Identity Work among Urban Chinese Youths
SMU Faculty: GAO Yang

Decision-Making, Information Processing, and Team Performance
SMU Faculty: TSAI Ming-Hong

Modeling and Visualizing Consumer Consumption and Payment Behavior in the Pakistani Electrical Power Sector
SMU Faculty: NAQVI Syed Ijlal Hussain

European Integration seen from Southeast Asia: A discourse-analytical approach
SMU Faculty: PORTELA Sais Clara

Emotional Distress and Social Tensions Amongst Singapore's South Asian Migrant Workforce
SMU Faculty: HARRIGAN Nicholas Michael

Tangki Spirit-Medium Workship: A Living Manuscript of the Chinese Worldview  
SMU Faculty: CHAN Margaret

Structural Contingency Model of Team Creativity
SMU Faculty: PARK Grace

What Are Norms of Assertion?
SMU Faculty: WILLIAMS John

Refugee Communities in Southeast Asia
SMU Faculty: SONG Jiyoung

Participatory Decision-Making in Singapore
SMU Faculty: NAQVI Syed Ijlal Hussain

Between-Person and Between-Culture Analyses of Integration Processes and Creative Cognition
SMU Faculty: LEUNG Ka Yee Angela

Marital Status, Gender, and The Wellbeing of Older Persons: A Comparative Study of Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand

Diverse, Depersonalised, Disconnected Dyads: Structural Embeddedness Perspective of a Human Smuggling Network's Market Resilience
SMU Faculty: Muhamad HANIF Nafis

The Spatiality of Land-Financed Rural Reconstruction in Chengdu, China
SMU Faculty: ZHANG Qian (Forrest)

Wisdom and its Application in Heidegger and Zhuangzi
SMU Faculty: BURIK Steven Victor

Sexual Orientation Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Council
SMU Faculty: JORDAAN Eduard Christiaan

Types, Tactics, and Targets – Insights from the Terrorist Organization-Events Dataset
SMU Faculty: GENKIN Michael

The Modern Eunuch? A Study of Sexual Adaptation and Asexuality Amongst Migrant Workers in Singapore Using Random Sampling
SMU Faculty: HARRIGAN Nicholas Michael

Poverty and Unmet Social Needs Among Singaporeans: A Qualitative Analysis of Low-Income Elderly, Single-Parents and Persons-with-Disabilities
SMU Faculty: DONALDSON John Andrew

The Dark Triad Traits
SMU Faculty: WEE Ghin Hee Serena

Environmental Mismatch
SMU Faculty: Li Pin Cheng Norman

The Effect of Bilingualism on Task Switching
SMU Faculty: YANG Hwajin

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